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Extraction vents Combustion gas ventilation system


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Cord guide for cord-operated ceiling ventsmore information

THERMOGAZ kitchen extraction vents, designed for connecting gas boilers with a 23kW heat ouput (*see manufacturer’s instructions for higher outputs) to the ventilation network, provide a continuous self-regulated extraction (“trickle”), a manually activated boost, and an additional flowrate slaved to the boiler operation. Operating range 80–140Pa.

Vent components: 

  Aluminium body
  Bimetallic actuators
  Boiler connection adapter
  Duct connection adapter
  Pull-cord operation
  Boost-on indicator


Plug-in fit to extraction duct Ø125 (or 116).
The unit is held in place and kept airtight by a lip seal.

The vent is linked to the boiler by a special aluminium branch duct Ø118 or 125mm interior.

ON CEILINGS (in houses)

The THERMOGAZ VMCI assembly comprises a Thermogaz vent, a metal sleeve Ø125 x length 250mm, and a cord guide. This ceiling mounted configuration allows a boiler to be connected to a gas extractor in a house.


CETIAT test report 9580056; CSTB test report 713-950-0068

Trickle and maximum extraction rates at 20°C

The vents are characterized by

- their acoustic power levels Lw with trickle extraction

- their normalized acoustic insulation Dn,e,w (C) measured per the specifications of standard E 51-711.

Boiler extraction flowrate

 THERMOGAZ Lw in dB(A)  Dn,e,w (C) in dB
 80Pa 100Pa 130Pa
20/75m3/h  31 35 38 58
30/90m3/h 30 34 37 57
45/105m3/h 33 36 39 56
45/135m3/h  33 36 39 56

The amended directive of 25th April, 1985 (France) obliges owners (or joint-property managers in the case of apartment blocks) of buildings with ventilation systems that handle combustion gases to sign a contract for yearly maintenance of their ventilation network/gas appliances and for a 5-yearly thorough inspection of all the installations.

Remove the duct that links to the boiler, remove the boiler connection adapter by unscrewing the 3 fastening screws, and remove the drawer holding the bimetallic actuator and damper flap. Clean the airway and the drawer-flap assembly thoroughly, without dismantling any of the mechanism. Now fit the drawer-flap assembly back into the vent body and refit the adapter using the 3 screws.