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Directive concerning ventilation in dwellings (modified by directive of 28th October, 1983), published in the official journals of 27th March, 1982 and 15th November, 1983 
Field of application: Homes

Air renewal requirement in premises (see practical application details in the directives of 24th March,1982 and 28th October, 1983 – ventilation of dwellings 
Field of application: Homes/Offices

Décret 2012-1530 du 28 décembre 2012

Directive concerning the thermal characteristics and energy performance of existing buildings 
Field of application: Homes and offices

Décret 2011-544 du 18 mai 2011

Decree concerning the thermal characteristics and energy performance of constructions (Thermal Regulation 2005), published in the official journal JORF No.121 of 25th May, 2006, page 7744, text No.12 
Field of application: Homes/Offices

Directive concerning the thermal characteristics of new buildings and building extensions 
Field of application: Homes/Offices

Directive concerning the acoustic characteristics of dwellings (New Acoustic Regulations) 
Field of application: Habitat

DTU 68.3

Building regulation on the implementation of forced ventilation systems: technical requirements 
Field of appication: Homes

Directive concerning collective safety of new controlled ventilation installations connected to gas-burning or liquefied hydrocarbon-burning appliances 
Field of application: Homes

Directive concerning inspection and maintenance of collective controlled ventilation installations - gas 
Field of application: Home

Systèmes de ventilation autoréglable

Hygroreglable system

Technical appraisal
ALIZE - ATech 14,5/17-2269 (Collective Housing)

ALIZE - ATech 14,5/17-2268 (Individual Housing)

Technical guidelines

CPT 3615

Utility for calculating expansion in humidity controlled systems
Expansion calculation

Renovation in apartment blocks